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January 31, 2006


Pod Rentals

I could not agree with what you said more about PODS. In my name link is a link to an article I wrote about their advantages. They are convenient, offer on-site access, and avoid the regular hassles of loading moving trucks.

Great blog post.


January 31, 2006 - Pods vs. iPods

A REALTOR® in my office told me a long story about the sellers being all bent out of shape because the buyers had an iPod delivered to the house before the buyers actual possession of the property. This woman is the kind that has to tell you every detail... who said what, what happened when... I was only half listening as I was busy on the computer but when she told me the iPod was on the driveway... I asked her if she meant a "POD meaning Portable On Demand Storage." She insisted they are called iPods.

Oh well.

When I see an POD I think iPod!

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