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February 27, 2006


Bonnie Erickson

Posted February 28:

Greg, You must have been one of the tech savvy people who knew how to do all this ahead of time. Thanks for adding me to your RSS feed. Also, you did a GREAT post on agency in Florida. It differs some from Minnesota as we don't have transaction brokerage, but it still helps to explain how it works in your state.

Lynne and I e-mailed off line regarding our similar struggle with RSS. It reminds me of a stand up routine Bill Cosby did in the late 60's (Yes, I know that dates me a bit!). It described how Noah was left on the ark with a pregnant elephant and no manual on how to birth elephants. Cosby's sound effects predated the current use of the microphone in rap and R & B, and he quite effectively demonstrated Noah's dilemma when the baby dropped! This battle with RSS has felt a bit like being hit by a baby elephant! But, Lynne, we've conquered it!

Leanne Paynter

March 4, 2006 - Real Simple Syndication

Bonnie, I laughed as I read the following sentence in your post: "As far as the "real simple" part of it, the creator of this torture device must have meant "real simple" AFTER you figure it out!"

I'm pretty new to blogs and blogging myself so I'm still trying to understand everything related to blogs! On my "to do" list for this week is the installation of a free RSS reader and learning all that goes along with having one. Being an e-PRO for a few years has taught me a lot... one of those things is that you never stop learning because there's always something new! :-) My only regret is not having started blogging sooner.


Posted February 28

Hi Bonnie,

That is a great article. I have been struggling for days with the RSS feed issue. I wish I had seen your article a few days earlier. It would have saved me much grief!

Greg DiSisto

Posted February 27: I'm glad you have it all set up. I've already got you added to my rss reader!

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