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March 31, 2006


Maureen McCabe

April 1, 2006 - Drat... foiled

I thought I was writing with an accent and would be incognito.

I use the word "fiduciary" as necessary with a client and probably blush when I say it. We have a wonderful brokerage "book" we use with consumers that has all the paperwork required by the government, etc. in a real estate transaction. I say "fiduciary." during the first part of the book dealing with agency. The book is called a "GARP." It is all so guttural sounding!

I am glad to hear it is just not me that can not sign in.


P.S. I wrote the comment here using Sgt. Schultz accent from Hogan's Heroes because "guttural" "GARP" and "fiduciary" all sound so good with his accent. The first comment was in Hyacinth Bouquet's (PBS Keeping Up Appearance's) accent. The next anonymous comment on an RT blog will be in Iggy's accent.... Gene's blog? Greg D's? Chris's? NOTE: No offense meant to Iggy, Americans, Aliens, Permanent Residents, Hogan's Heroes, etc. Anonymous can be fun...

Bonnie Erickson

April 1, 2006

I'll bet that's you. It's not just my blog that won't let you sign in. They're all not working. Yes, I thought the same thing about the word. However, I make my clients suffer like I did my kids . . . teach them the proper terms. Imagine the doctor's surprise when he used the local slang to describe a body part and my kids corrected him! They didn't consider the terms weird because we used them, thereby making them common!

Maureen McCabe

April 1, 2006 - the word sounds so nasty....

Your blog won't let me sign in.

I thought 'fiduciary' was a funny word when I learned it long ago when I got my RE license. I don't remember hearing the word before real estate school, never in college or working in two businesses. I understand perfectly what it means after years in the real estate business but I seldom use the word.

When I hear (or actually read) the word "fiduciary" on Real Talk from the people who use it the most it sounds positively dirty. Maybe because they don't say "fiduciary duty", "fiduciary responsibility." They just say "fiduciary" and it sounds like a word in a medical book. A word you discovered as an adolescent.... and throw into conversation to get attention. Maybe because the crusty old men who use "fiduciary" most on RealTalk are trying to shame others on Real Talk... "fiduciary" sounds like a naughty word to me ;-)

Guess who? Really it would not let me sign in.

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