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April 09, 2006


Bonnie Erickson

April 10, 2006 - Tough Old Lockboxes

It may be more common than we realize to own a "hacked" lockbox. I, too, attempted to break into the old style box once, and it wasn't possible. We used a hacksaw, bolt cutters, sledge hammer, and only managed to mangle the poor thing. It was the only key for the building and we ended up getting a locksmith to make a new key. If I were a burglar, I wouldn't start to "burgle" with the lockbox. It'd be easier to break down the door!

Maureen McCabe

April 10, 2006 - Resourceful

You sound like the McGiver (sp?) of real estate to me. Do you used duct tape for anything? I read something in a column on Inman News last week about duct tape.

I have a lock box someone tried to saw off a house. It's ugly but it still works. My sellers thought their keys had been stolen at an auto show so they were trying to get into the house to see if the fancy schmancy cars in the garage were still there. They told me the police did it. This was years ago I hope the police understand they could not saw through a lockbox by now.

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