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August 28, 2006


Leanne Paynter

Hello again, That was me that left the comment above -- I thought I'd logged in so that it wouldn't show up as "anonymous" but I forgot to double-check before clicking the submit button.

.:: Leanne ::.


Posted by Anonymous
I was the "anonymous" one who said they forgot to include "having more than one blog" as a symptom of blogoholics and Sellsius replied with "how could we forget that one?!". I've got you all beat on the number of blogs, though I won't say how many. What I want to know is where's the 12-step program? Hey -- I may just blog about the need for that! :-)

August 30, 2006

Teresa Boardman

got you beat, I already have 4. One for family (my first blog) one for a non-profit, one for training purposes and one for business. I am lucky in that two of them get content from other people. You may be a blogoholic but I am most certianly a blogaddict.


Teresa Boardman

I don't think I'm up for teaching about blogs. It sounds like too much work, but I'll attend one of your training sessions! BE

Edited by bonnieerickson on August 28, 2006 at 9:06 am

Maureen McCabe

You are a blogaholic! I only have two blogs... my Active Rain blog one has two public entries. I am blogging AR tomorrow on my RT blog .It's already written and put to bed. Thanks for the mention and good night.

Edited by Maureen on August 27, 2006 at 10:50 pm

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