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August 16, 2006



August 20, 2006

bonnie - love this post and your desire to succeed! i had to go to the tomato to see what all the fuss was about. after reading his post and yours as well as the comments by all, here's what i think:

If someone is willing to learn, do not knock them down, encourage them. If you are more educated about something than someone else is, offer to teach them. If you do not know something, ask for help. As an experienced agent, offer to be mentor. Give tips and how-to advice. Learn from the newbies as they have quite a few things to share as well. If there is a class offered on something you don't know, take it. Observe and absorb those around you. Be a sponge. Soak everything in - the good and the bad. Learn from other peoples mistakes. Learn from other peoples successes. Practice, Practice, Practice! Your own experiences will help you grow. It's never too late to learn anything. Experience is the best teacher. Never stop being a student.


"You learn something every day if you pay attention." - Ray LeBlond

Maureen McCabe

August 17, 2006

Love your post except one itty bitty thing which I shared with you privately via email. ; - )

I saw Frances Flynn Thorsen posted on his blog today too. I was worried that someone who was as advanced as Fran is would not get a lot out of the e-PRO course when she took it last summer. She had two blogs and... well she's Fran. She enjoyed it, she learned from it.

It is the kind of course that you can sail through and brag about how smart you are... or you can savor the modules and go off and research more about the topics that interest you. I got my money's worth. I think I finished the class about a month after I started it.

I have been reading his blog since it started. I do love tomatoes but that blogger reminds me of a rotten tomato. His blog is pretty but when you read the text it is spoiled.

Great post Bonnie!

Leanne Paynter

August 17, 2006

Good for you, Bonnie! You took the initiative time and again until you were able to accomplish what you set out to. e-PRO certification is well worth the price of admission to any Realtor who still feels they're in the Dark Ages. I think you're doing marvelously, so keep up the great work!

.:: Leanne ::.

Teresa Boardman

August 17, 2006

Now Bonnie you know they are just jealous because they don't have a tin foil badge. I always told my children that people only make fun of you because they are jealous. :)

Love your blog. Anyone can learn to blog but writing skills take years to develop, so if you ask me, you WIN!

Teresa - fellow e-pro

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