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December 19, 2006


Jonathan Dalton

Why thank you, Richard ... come check us out over on the Phoenix side. My time in frigid Minnesota has come to an end. Now I'm back in frigid (for us) Phoenix!

Richard Nacht

Based on your description, if ever I am privileged to move to either of the cities referenced, I think I'll opt for Phoenix. I'm not a big fan of the heat, dry or otherwise, but I can tell you for sure, I'm no fan of the cold.

Very good writing on this post as well. Very entertaining. I'm pitting your post against Geno's for the most fun read.

carole cohen

Hi Jonathan, and I'm glad the 'clime' was temperate for your visit. Also the Kilibrew story, I was amazed when I heard that too! I have a friend in Nebraska who travels to The Mall of America every year just for the experience. And thank you to both of you for easily manuverable blogs, which allowed me, still a bit tekkie challenged, to comment! I read quite a few awesome blogs about the swap and couldn't figure out how to do so.

Bonnie Erickson

Welcome, Brad. I hope you come back again even though the entry you read was Jonathan's. He has abruptly returned to Phoenix. The colder it got here, the faster he sped through the nanosphere to warmth and safety!

Brad Nix

This is my first trip to this blog (thanks to the Yankee Blog Swap for the introduction) and I look forward to stopping by again. Good job jonathan.


I love the mall of America! And thanks for the reminder- I need to get out to our local mall and get the Christmas shopping done.

rudolph d. bachraty III

jonathan - ah, the mall of america - 2 victoria secrets? don't tell my wife.


Gena Riede

Enjoyed the post, Jonathan...good sense of humor. It sounds as though I should be driven and not drive.

Bonnie Erickson

Welcome everyone. Yes, navigating in the Twin Cities can be interesting, especially in St. Paul where the numbers do not equal 100 per block and the names have no rhyme or reason! The worst, however, is going north from downtown Minneapolis and hitting "southeast" addresses! When we first moved back, I had never heard of "Northeast Minneapolis", which is where Jonathan's St. Anthony Main is addressed. To get there you go north from downtown to southeast addresses. Remarkably if you continue north, you come to northeast addresses! It was a little section unto itself back in the day and may have made sense then!

Minnesotans do love their water, however. It's one of the reasons I might visit elsewhere, but stay here.

Jay Thompson

The only time I got lost in Phoenix was the first week I moved here. I got confused and thought the streets were WEST and the avenues EAST. I wound up close to LA before I realized the errors of my ways.

Another excellent post my avenue side friend.

Jonathan Dalton

And as people get lost here ... the streets are on the east, the avenues on the west.

I was just so all a-titter at the thought of the swap ... :-)


Woohoo Bonnie - I mean Jonathon.. Very funny! You put the aw is sprAWl. Ummm - ok!

Maureen McCabe

Jay and Teresa swapped. You and Bonnie swapped... what's up with that? I must have seen the Mississippi the one time I was in the twin cities (I think I was just in Minneapolis... ) but I don't rememember being awed. Fun to read. Thanks

teresa boardman

You make me smile. I drive across the Mississippi River every day and have never given it a tought. I can see it from my kitchen window.

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