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December 16, 2006


Carole Cohen

I know exactly what you mean; I moved 11 times in four states; until I had to also 'own' my parents household items I had myself very well pared down; now I can't seem to recapture that

Bonnie Erickson

Ah, Carole, the squirrel tails went the way of many of my treasures which were discarded when moving time came every 5 years! I don't own any momentos: prom tickets, flowers, dresses, etc., all hit the trash when my dad was assigned a new church.

Teresa, my friendly competitor . . . need I say more?

teresa boardman

Very nice Bonnie. I never would have had you pegged for an introvert but the rest makes sense. You can thank Joseph at Sellsius for the extra writing assignment. Because you are my friend I did the right thing and spread the wealth. :)

Carole Cohen

Hiya Bonnie! I am dying to see a pic of you in a squirrel tailed hat. I have pet squirrels in my yard...they would not like the hat - I love your 'share' on letting the tough kids come to your home. Great stories and thanks for sharing. PS: I didn't meme you myself because I knew about the 'swap' and didn't want to give you any more pressure. Oh well lol

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