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January 27, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Carole, The sellers in our area who were unable to sell didn't feel like our market was stable. To them it felt like the market had tanked. However, as you said, the stats show that Minnesota's real estate market is very strong compared to many other areas in the nation. We're holding true to form in that our market did not experience the severe highs and lows of other markets.

Carole C

I would say these stats look pretty and are promising too. Sounds like a solid market! Now for more homes (total) to sell in 2007

Bonnie Erickson

Thanks, Lisa. I sent you an e-mail telling you how to make these pretty charts! I had to struggle with whether I should because you are a competitor, you know! ;-D Have fun practicing!

Lisa Dunn

HI Bonnie, This sure took you some time! These statistics are great!

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