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January 04, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Joseph, Because I've had a Point2 website for a couple years now, I'm familiar with their input system. I really like the additional pictures and ability to hook the picture to each room's description. Our MLS did not understand that the Point2 listings were not downloaded from the MLS so flagged me for not putting the Broker Reciprocity logo on the Point2 Handshake (NLS) page. I now call that page, property ads or something similar in order to satisfy the MLS. Whether I'm wrong or not, their perception of my wrongness would have generated a fine! ;-)


I went to the site and it is interesting. It even allows comments on the listings, if I recall. That should be interesting. We thought of incorporating that feature but feared it could be rigged.

They don't allow FSBOS but the FAQ seemed to suggest the possibility.

Thanks Bonnie.

Bonnie Erickson


Regardless of whether we want it or not, it's coming. My guess is our industry is in the throes of a radical change. My crystal ball isn't showing the end result either!

Larry Cragun

Very Interesting.

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