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March 29, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Jackie, I had a buyer that wanted to do a cash back to a "construction company" which he formed. It smelled suspicious to me so I asked the powers that be. They said as long as it was on the signature page of the body of the purchase agreement (not an addendum that can be pulled), I would be covered. I did one transaction that way and he never came back to me because I wouldn't give out lock box combinations. My gut was right. He wasn't totally on the up and up.

Jackie Colson-Miller


That scam hit our local market hard and a local ReMax broker finally figured out something was amiss when one of his agents was coming in with over 20 contracts at a time using the same lender and same title company..BUT...that was after she had already done over 40 such deals and the listing agents and sellers never turned her in. We have to keep this industry ethical and question any transaction that appears fraudulent! Good for you!

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