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May 21, 2007


Kristal Kraft

The show was one-sided indeed. Leslie's demonstrations of RedFi n's listing fee was very misleading. By saying they charge $3000 for a listing, but never mentioning a co-op fee, indicated RedFi n was willing to take other fees when selling a house but not offer them. Guess Redfi n listings much get sold "in-house." For a PRE-paid price of $3000 I certainly would want the most exposure possible!
Funnier yet was the "when you purchase RedFi n's package you get access to properties on the market and the neighorhood statistics." How cool of RedFi n to charge for something (up front) that we Realtors have been proving (for free until close) for years!!

Carole Cohen

You once again hit it right on the head, Bonnie. Commissions are never set in stone. And while the brokerage of the day in that piece has agents sitting at computers while their clients go looking for homes on our own, we are out working with clients so they don't have to do it by themselves. I agree, we will all just keep working and not worry about some hour long infomercial. Although I used to love the Jane Fonda treadmill infomercials...but I digress :-)

Leanne Paynter

The 60 Minutes piece was so one-sided, it sickened me. Personally, I think reporters use words like "sacrosanct" for their impact, not because it's the most descriptive. I also wouldn't call the piece "news" since it's so full of spin and she was unbelievably UN-objective. I've lost all respect for Leslie Stahl.

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