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May 30, 2007


condo philippines

Ugly Condo's can sometimes become useful. In that way, those people that can't affort to rent or buy a condo, can get a chance to live in a condo.


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I agree with the other commenters. Its just too darn colorful! I noticed the other apartments around that place having simple yet beautiful colors. The one in middle just ruined the feeling into it... I wish they do some repainting on those buildings coz it really ruined a perfect view. Thx for blogging this. I find this very interesting.


Bonnie Erickson


I'm glad to hear of happy residents in the Upper Landings. I think you are right about the lack of "center". Additionally the buildings act as a barrier to other city residents who want to access the walking/biking paths by the river which are still there, but seem to be closed off at that point. Only the serious seekers or those who know for sure there are paths back there, dare to enter the parking lots of the buildings. I find the two outer developments less offensive than the center one. Color is definitely an issue for me there. The color scheme would have worked quite well on the other side of the river where they would fit perfectly with the vibrant colors found along Cesar Chavez! Either way this addition to the shoreline ruined the view for a good many residents higher up and on Shepherd Rd.

john p

I have friends who are happy in one of the first of the townhouses built--they moved there in 2004 shortly after completion and purchased another unit in the next unit to the north as an investment which they subsequently sold. They have enviable river views.

I think there are a couple aesthetic or community problems with the development overall, just based on personal opinion and observation (I drive by this place--Upper Landing--a couple times a week, at least).

One problem is that the building heights are uniform which I think may be due to height restrictions and the developer's decision to build to the max in every case. A variance for a taller building or the willingness of the developer to have some two or three-story units would have helped reduce the uniformity. (Yes, I understand the economics dictated the number of units and building heights. but still....)

The other problem is there is no real center to the development. A community space of some kind -- even a convenience store, gas station, or coffee shop -- would help lend a sense of place. I don't think the sorta tacky (but, at least, lively!) colors help any, and I also think Upper Landing can still come around!

Bonnie Erickson

They are two years old, I believe, but many are still unoccupied.

Maureen M.

I had to click on the photo to get a better view. They are colorful. Are they new or newer?

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