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June 20, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Aaron, What you are saying is exactly why I said it feels like a witch hunt. The presumption, according to the MAR meeting, was of guilt, not innocence. EVERYONE is under scrutiny, even the best of the best. The unlucky one who happened to do business with a new title company that doesn't meet all 10 of the criteria for being a legitimate company (like not using the same fax machine) can take the fall.

Aaron Dickinson

Actually, approximately 11 agents in my office were hit with the Department of Commerce actions regarding First American Title. These agents are some of the best in my office and I don't believe for a minute that they ever hurt their customer's best interests.

There's a lot of nuances in what happened and while so far action has focused on specific company and their practices, I'm certain that everyone is being reviewed right now.

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