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July 27, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Carole, The oil tank in question was buried under my cement driveway. I had asked the city inspector about the fill pipe (not the fire marshal) and they had no clue what it was. I have no idea exactly how long it had been out of use prior to our ownership, but we had owned the house for 18 years and not used it. When the buyers' inspector told me it was an oil tank, I nearly had heart failure. Even though it was not a regulated size, had it leaked, it would have gone on our abstract permanently as a "spill". We also would have had to remove any contaminated soil and refill the hole, etc. This information came from the person who removed the tank which thankfully, was not leaking. Thankfully our buyer was a farm guy who knew about oil tanks and they didn't scare him at all. $2000 later, the tank was gone and we were issued a clean bill of health!

Carole Cohen

An oil tank buried in the middle of the city; not encountered THAT one yet here. I know when I was living in Maryland they found munititons buried and had to halt a Silver Spring town home project.....that one was interesting. You detailed really well what someone has to do and I bet I can even 'do' it here in Cleveland. Thanks!

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