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September 26, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Carole, you're right about the "never been easy" part. It's only appears easy to outsiders!

Tom, I can't wait to see the REAL numbers at the end of the year. I also want to see the annual median price for our metro area. I'm suspecting it will be down as will membership numbers.

Thomas Johnson

The proof in the pudding will be in December when dues are to be paid. In Houston, NAR,TAR,HAR, plus MLS dues must be paid by year end. We'll see.

Carole Cohen

I believe there is truth in it, but it's like the chicken little approach to the market is failing; not quite as bad as the picture they paint? If historically only 20 percent of those in the business do their jobs in the most complete way, which includes following through on every aspect of a sale closing to marketing and having a solid business plan, then I would assume every year a percentage of people leave the business anyway. When real estate is in a year that is seen as the best thing since sliced bread the total numbers are up because some of the 80 percenters who dont do their jobs well no matter what they are doing get into it and think it's going to be easy money. It's never been easy money from what I can understand. At least not without putting out an effort! Thought provoking, Bonnie!

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