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September 17, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Steve, This question is worthy of a whole post. The legal reason for not making a judgment call about a neighborhood is the regulations about steering (which, by the way, was proven in the last 2 years to still be happening in our area). It is illegal to steer a client to or from a neighborhood. It's a negative when a client WANTS a diverse neighborhood and we can't steer them TO the neighborhood either! As far as "good or bad" neighborhoods, I feel comfortable in neighborhoods that my friends would never dare to drive through. The "quality" of a neighborhood is very subjective. Crime stats are best found through the police department. Demographics can be gotten from community websites which is where I would go to get that info as well!

Stephen Gross

Realtors really can't talk about the neighborhood? That seems pretty crazy. For my money, neighborhood is the top priority in selecting where to live. The home itself, believe it or not, is #2 on the list. How are you supposed to get info on the neighborhood? And I'm not just talking about crime stats (!).

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