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September 30, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

My experience with top producers has been that they are too busy to attend the closing or spend the entire closing time on the phone in the hall. From the date the purchase agreement is signed, they pass all work to their assistants so I never get to talk with them again. I've even had one couple whose house was listed by a top producer refer their son to ME, the buyer's agent, because they could see the commitment I had to my clients compared to what personal attention they got. Top producers have well oiled machines that process each transaction like a car on a factory line.

Jack Boardman

It seems to me that some "top producers" are ethically-challenged. I was an RE agent 30+ years ago - the "Wild West" compared to today, and the top producers then would do almost ANYTHING to sell a home!
This guy needs to have his chain pulled big time IMHO.

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