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October 17, 2007



The post really makes a hearty reading but nevertheless it takes the point home. It only goes to show the negligence from the part of the buyer. A house is something that one must pay his out most attention before jumping into a deal. One must use technology to assist him in his search. I say this because I practice this advise. Yes, it may seem that I am ranting but pay attention, I am giving some sound advise. Today an effective search would be incomplete without the use of search portals. One must use them to make a perfect choice of property and broker as well. See when I was buying my home in LA, I used Resortscape to find my dream home. I did the search and on it got what I was looking for, they got me in touch with broker and finally in the presence of an attorney we made the deal. Simple! and very logical way to get what I wanted. Well, I leave the link you can make use of it. (

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