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December 07, 2007


Bonnie Erickson

Gene, When I did property management years ago, one of the north western suburbs cracked down on landlords in the same manner. If there were more than 3 calls to a building, the certificate of occupancy was pulled and the building had to be emptied. A couple big problem complexes actually closed and the owners walked as a result. It was a "turning point" for that city which had started to develop a bad reputation.

Gene Molloy

It's so nice to see another Municipality trying to take care of their citizens.

Here in Des Plaines, they have passed, and are enforcing, an ordinance that allows the City to take action against a landlord if the police get called to a building on a reoccurring basis.

This certainly gives landlords the motivation to screen their tenants a bit more carefully and to get rid of problem tenants in a swift and timely manner.

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