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December 20, 2007


Maureen M.

Bonnie Ericksons on Spock if you will allow the link.

I almost thought the Bonnie Erickson in Brainerd MN was you. Duh... St. Paul MN.

I joined Spock today. Paul Chaney Twittered about it yesterday. I had discovered it has a lot of authority the day before. So I went to see if the Bonnie Erickson I knew was a member. Lotsa Bonnie Ericksons. The one showing off her belly is only 22.

I thought of Dr. Spock the baby doctor rather than Star Trek???

Reading the Twitters from Inman is great.

Bonnie Erickson

You can come here and share anytime, Cyndee. I even allow the occasional rant!

T, I can't keep up with you. I don't know where you find the time! I'm still waiting for my classmates to update their profiles so I can find out if they were any more successful than I! ☺ It's not that I care so much as high school was terribly painful for me, but I'm curious what happened to the clique that kept me out!

Maureen, I have been to twitter and don't know if I'm going. I know, I know. . . EVERYONE'S there! ☺

Joe, did you dig a hole in the earth when you were fishing? Fishing seems a long way from earth! The rest of us missed you terribly.

Cyndee Haydon

Bonnie - It's funny you should write this this week - I had a similar conversation with my husband and normally I'm a pretty social person but lately I'm feeling "anti-social" - and underwhelmed with all the "please join now" opportunities - it's like social networks have become the new MLM where everyone's racing to be on the top of the pyramid. Somewhere in the process the flattery of being asked by "friends" feels lost in the feeling of being a notch in someone's belt - like any good thing - pushed to far it creates an aversion. Thanks for letting me share. :-)

Teresa Boardman

Maureen Twittered to tell me about your post. I am not sure where earth is anymore. I don't miss it yet but when I do I'll come back. Off to ning, and then to cre8buzz, oh I promised a cameo on gather too. By

Maureen M.

A few minutes ago I was just trying to see if you Twittered and I found a Google Alert for this post because you uttered "Active Rain" how about Utterz?...

I ran into T on Twitter and asked her to reach over and nudge you... St. Paul is small and intimate like that isn't it?

I like Twitter, it is different. Just 140 characters. You don't need to post pictures, write a big profile, there are no sheep flying...

I am resisting Spock. I think it is the same as Naymz which I joined and am ignoring.

Joseph Ferrara.sellsius

Earth is nice. I like to return to it as often as I can.

Bonnie Erickson

Sheep on Facebook didn't make sense to me either. I just don't spend enough time to get the hang of all of these networks.

Carole Cohen

Bonnie, Realestate world and twitter, both laid back and fun. I would love to be able to catch up with you daily on Twitter but will take IM ing you on Real Estate World lol. Throwing sheep on Facebook never made any sense to me I agree with you

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