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December 11, 2007


Carole Cohen

:-) sqeak no more I love it! The talcum thing was new to me though I might be scoping out squeaks here in the next few days to see if I can try the powder...Bonnie you rock, thanks for the link to the squeak place!

Bonnie Erickson

Funny, Jack, how we become attached to those quirks that make our old homes unique. I've got a few doors that have been trimmed as much as one inch shorter from side to side because of that "sag". What happens if I happen to take out the sag, as my son did? Will my doors have a one inch gap?

Alex, you're too young to know about the talcum powder trick! It might be a bit messy on top of carpet, though!

Bob, I think it's my dad's fault. He wouldn't let me drive until I changed all four tires on the car BY MYSELF! It was an old '63 Dodge when they were built like tanks and made out of metal . . . with a hand jack on the bumper! I've wielded a hammer by his side from my late elementary years. Yep, it has to be his fault!

Jack Boardman

But - But - we find the squeaks in our old floors somehow comforting, along with the center-oriented sag (great for "Hot Wheels" races) of most of our floors.

Bob Carney

You are such the tipster for these little home projects!

Alex Stenback

I am not sure why I know this, but here is another tip to fix the problem.

Sprinkle talcum powder liberally around and on the area where the floor squeaks, place a board over the area (such as a piece of 1x6 scrap, or any other scrap wood you have laying around) and stomp on it good. Do this several times. Wipe up the excess.

The talc will work its way into the groves between the floorboards, and act as a dry lubricant. Presto, no more squeeky. Most of the time.

Give that a shot before screwing things down.

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