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January 20, 2008


Bonnie Erickson

Bubba, This year most anything outside is going to be buried under ice. The clues are really tricky to follow as you demonstrated. You have to be up on all the local current events, even the mundane ones!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bubba McKay

Don't dig a hole or knock down a pole.
Just break through the ice....
how far will we go? You really ought to go see Get into the game A hockey game maybe?
Per clue 5 combined with all other clues to date, the "invisible" object is hidden under ice.

Joe's column referred to Como Park last year and the "I found it" as his mother fended off people as she said "I meant his glasses". The glass lens was clear, much like the object everyone wants to find. Joe's recent column was talking about playing hockey and so, an invisible object would be in the ice when it was poured. You'll have to do something quite rash in low temperatures such as these, because breaking up ice on a public hockey rink is necessary to find what you are looking for: "And keep you on your toes
It may sound risible, but our puck's invisible Although it might just stick to your nose."

Gather your guys and a girl who is wise.
Consider the area and the fact that Joe's mom was a girl.

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