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January 29, 2008


Bonnie Erickson

Thanks, Leanne. Most of the time I'm writing about things that interest me. It makes the writing more fun. I never thought about generating business from my blog when I started. Nor did I think people would see me as an example. That's a scary thought!

Leanne Paynter

Bonnie, I meant to leave this note on the day you were featured on Typepad but got sidetracked...

I always thought your blog serves as a great example to others and am glad you've gotten the kudos you have since starting it, this latest one included. All have been well-deserved. Congratulations!

Bonnie Erickson

Welcome, John. I can't find a next page arrow at the bottom of my pages. There is one at the top and that is provided in the template. Sorry I can't be of more help, but thanks for stopping by anyway.

Teri, thanks are especially appreciated from those who share the same metropolitan area.

JB must be Jillian from Whitestone. Welcome to the cold Northland and thanks for the congrats.


Found your blog from the typepad opening screen! Congrats

Teri Eckholm

Congrats Bonnie! Typepad must recognize excellence when they see it...Well deserved honor to your blog!

John Schroeder


Congrats on the Typepad mention. They are right- you have a great looking blog!!!

I too use typepad for my blog and have been very happy with it. One question for you. Is there something special you do to get the next page arrow at the bottom of your pages?


Keep up the terrific work!!!

Bonnie Erickson

Thanks, Maureen and Carole. I guess I just keep writing and don't think about the eyes in the wall!

Carole Cohen

Ditto what MF said! You are the muse woman of real estate for sure!

Maureen Francis

Yeah Bonnie!! I am glad to see that those people at Typepad know a gem of a blog when they find it!

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