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February 22, 2008


Bonnie Erickson

Personal responsibility is almost a dying art value. It's going the way of preventing anyone from suffering because they fail or aren't as good as the kid next door. Imagine the shock of this generation when a boss tells them there's no raise because they didn't do their job well enough. I'm thankful there are professionals like you guys left in the world!

Kristal Kraft

Bonnie you weave the story so well. We have gotten away from personal responsibility and into placing blame. I like the way you say to try to avoid mistakes. That's what we should all do. Try to learn how not to make them and accept responsibility when we screw up.

Linda Davis

You really have a special gift. You say it so well!


Amen to Carole's comment.

Carole Cohen

Accepting the responsibiity and consequences of our actions....sometimes it seems like a lost value. God I love the way you write.

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