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March 05, 2008


Bonnie Erickson

Carin, I checked your website and see it is from Canada. I'm choosing to leave your comment although it appears to be geared to getting business for you.

What your website describes as private mortgage insurance is not the private mortgage insurance required in Minnesota by lenders. The PMI required at the closing table insures the lenders against default on the part of the person buying the home. It has nothing to do at all with someone dying and the mortgage being paid off as a result. You are referring to an entirely different product. PMI is a requirement in order to buy a house if the buyer does not have a 20% down payment. It is NOT an option.


Good article.

Before committing to the mortgage insurance offered by the lender, I would suggest homebuyers compare prices with term life insurance. Term life is usually cheaper, and also gives the homebuyer the advantage of being able to name the beneficiary. The homebuyer will also have the option to choose a conversion policy; once the term has finished, it automatically converts into whole life insurance and begins to accrue a cash value.

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