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March 12, 2008


Bonnie Erickson

I've never heard of Angel Trumpet. I'll have to Google it and see what it looks like. I know there are a lot of my favorite flowers that don't do well in the south. My grandparents couldn't grow rhubarb, iris, and I think tulips (vaguely remember it didn't get cold enough in the winter). It's fascinating to me to see the different kind of fauna from region to region.

Port Orange Florida Real Estate

I live in Florida and the Salvia is one of the easiest plants to grow and does well in this climate. One plant we do have problems with kids ingesting to get high is Angel Trumpet and they are common here also.

Bonnie Erickson

You're right, Carole. If it can be smoked, someone is bound to try it. Remember the poisonous 'shrooms of the '60's?

Carole Cohen

Bonnie omg I'm still laughing at this: Imagine Grandma sneaking down to the local drug dealer so she can spice up her dressing properly. I'm guessing if you can keep it lit up someone will try to smoke it, we can't ban everything!

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