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March 13, 2008


Bonnie Erickson

We first became aware of the squirrels when we heard them climbing down the wall. We passed it off as being outside. It wasn't until the gnawing happened that we took it seriously! Our neighbor has a walnut tree just 25 feet from our house. It's no wonder we have squirrels. My son has tried boarding the hole, chicken wire, etc., and none of it has worked. They keep returning to his house so he also had to resort to trapping and hauling them miles away.

Port Orange Florida Real Estate

I had a house years ago and a squirel got in the walls and he would fall and you could hear him slide down the inside of the wall. Really freakey. We found where it was getting in at the gable corner and when we were sure he was out we boarded it up. Problem solved. My parents years ago had squirels and they hid the nuts in the attic. We had 3 walnut trees in the yard. We hear them at night rolling the nuts around. A little bit of chicken wire and they couldn't get in. The best one is we had pigeons on the metal roof and they coo and cluck all day and night. Someone told my dad paint the roof red and they never land on the roof he did and they never came back. We were told be experts that they are color blind and not possible but it worked.

Bonnie Erickson

Carole, Cute until you see his teeth! Besides, the picture's probably been airbrushed! As far as the squirrels, I think they are gone for now, but that doesn't mean they won't return! Does anyone have a recipe for 'possum stew?

Carole Cohen

and that little guy in the cage IS kinda cute, not that I'd want him living in my house or yard lol

Carole Cohen

It is never dull owning a home! Do you think they are all gone now? One can hope!

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