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May 02, 2008


gary thomas

Almost a year since you wrote this item.Things have not changed. Most of our market except Old Town and the trendy Casa Marina areas have tanked because of the mass of short sale and bank owned properties.


Avoid Foreclosure

This site may be useful to some of you guys and gals.
It has some practical information on how to avoid foreclosure.

Good Luck

Bonnie Erickson

That's been our experience here as well. I took a class to make sure I wasn't missing any of the details and one of the examples given in class, helped to explain the stalling. Basically, the lenders are so overwhelmed, they only want to work on the files in which they can recoup some money. Those files get priority and the others shuffle to the bottom of the pile.

Carole Cohen

Here's my tale: two short sale listings; one took from Oct 1st until April 26th to 'get accepted' by the bank; during that time we had a young woman who wanted to buy it who dropped out of the race and then our County Hsg authority 'hung in there.' Now the lender said yes but guess what you have to close by May 11th. Oh and the pipes got stolen in the meantime. Hsg Authority pulled out too. Now the lender can sit and lose more money. I'm not fond of listing these let me tell you. Would rather show foreclosures too!

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