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June 02, 2008


Bonnie Erickson


Thanks for your kind comments and the link back. Congratulations on a quick sale of your home! It sounds like you did the preparation that was needed to sell a home in today's difficult market. It's especially encouraging to have someone say they love their REALTOR. Until someone encounters the full service of a good agent, they have no clue what they are missing. I firmly believe the real estate agent can remove a ton of stress from the process for their client! I hesitated to even post this entry today because I didn't want to sound whiny, but there truly are two sides to the difficult process of selling a house!


Dear Bonnie,
I wanted to write and tell you have much I enjoy your blog. While I don’t live in your area, the information you share has helped me to understand the process from a Realtor’s point of view.

And I sooo love my Realtors!! The listing agent that sold our home is a gem, she knew the market and knew the value of our home. She helped calm my husband down when an obnoxious roofer showed up for the Buyer’s home inspection, only to say “your roof is leaking from the inside out, and here can I sell you a new roof.” She’s been on top of everything that’s come our way.

Or my Realtor (transaction broker) who’s is handling the purchase of our new house some 100 miles away. Running over to the house meet the housing inspector, helping to coordinate turning on the water with the city, dealing with a long distant seller. I am grateful to have these Realtors, seasoned professionals in my life, in this market.

After reading your post on Short Sales, and then selling our home in 3 days ( I decided we didn’t want to enter a short sale- been there, done that.

And the post on vacant homes-when we put a contract on a vacant house (18 months) I used the information shared at this blog to get a more thorough home inspection done.

Today I linked to your blog in this article I wrote for those of us living in Florida- my insights from both from a buyer and seller’s perspective.

Keep on writing, it’s worth it.


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