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August 19, 2008


Bonnie Erickson

Patricia, It was an equal hassle to me as to the Realtor you know. By the time the purse came back, I had closed accounts and replaced all the ID cards. It truly was a huge hassle.

Patricia Beck

What a hassle to deal with all of that! A realtor I know had her car broken into recently while showing a home (less than 10 minutes) and they took everything. I felt so bad for her having to re-key her garage door, cancel credit cards, etc... Hope you were able to track down or replace everything!

Bonnie Erickson

Tom, The post office gets stolen/lost goods quite frequently. They return anything that has identification in it. I have covered as many tracks as I can to prevent any problems and am still getting mail (plus have received all of my replacements to date!).

Thomas Johnson

Bonnie- The post office? Check with the postmaster to see if any address changes have been entered. They may be looking to pick off your replacements.

Bonnie Erickson


Ironically after spending the entire week replacing all my insurance and ID cards, closing and opening accounts, and buying those personal hygiene replacement items, a call came to me from the US Post Office. They wanted to know if I was missing a purse! Oh, yea, you betcha I am!!!! The expensive items were gone: cell phone, camera, driver's license, and credit cards, but the Leatherman was returned and every note with phone numbers is now back in my possession. The purse had been thoroughly ransacked with EVERYTHING sorted through with a fine tooth comb but the non-valuable things were all there including the 16 Benadryl tablets. I have a new cell phone which automatically locks requiring a pass code to use it. I like this one better. The old Treo can never be hooked up because it is registered as stolen. That's my attempt at defeating the thief! The social security card was returned as well but that means nothing. Now the card is in a safe deposit box. My driver's license is gone but the new one is on its way. What a nightmare of a week.

Thomas Johnson

Ouch! Your pain reminded me to put all credit card on the scanner and file the page away...

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