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January 18, 2009


philippine real estate

Great information.Thanks for such a great article to share with.I enjoyed reading it and I think other readers might enjoy reading it as well..Keep on posting!

Bonnie Erickson

Dan, I missed your comment when you posted it in April . . . the notification system is sometimes "broken" :-). Anyway, in today's market which is terribly depressed, I would suggest to my clients that they discount their list price by $5000 instead of installing granite. The prices you quote are for a moderate size kitchen rather than a higher scale home, so pricing is primary. Now IF the counter tops are in poor condition, it's a good idea to replace them to freshen the kitchen.

Granite Countertops Portland

I would be interested in your thoughts on the relative value of installing new granite countertops in a home prior to a sale.
I get asked often by my clients, if the cost of upgrading their tile or laminate countertops to granite slab is generally recoverable in increased home value. A typical set of counters in an average home would run between $3500.00 & $7000.00.
Thanks in advance for any insight on this question.
Dan Canfield

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