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February 02, 2009



We have definitely seen an increase in demand for granite in kitchens. It seems now if the flooring isn't hardwood and the kitchen hasn;t been redone with granite many of the resale houses just don't resell!



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I bought house last year and i don't include the payment of house in the appliances.


Mathew Bossert

The only thing fads seen to do is keep Interior Designers and Contractors in business ;) Going "Timeless" is my style.

Maureen McCabe

We had white appliances growing up, it was an embarrassment when friends came over to visit that we were not keeping up with the Joneses. My mother got Harvest Gold appliances when they moved while I was in college.

I love white now. Stainless is attractive but I think about how those Harvest Gold, Avocado and Brown appliances looked when I started selling real estate... wait I sold a house a couple of years ago that had one of the three lovely colors still.

Linda Davis

I bought my house in 1974 and had...yup, avacado appliances which have been replaced by white!

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