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March 26, 2009


commercial real estate

if you really want to sell a house it muct be presentable so you can attract buyers..

Hillsborough realtor

hi...i am not selling or buying any home.....but....its a great idea....after reading your post i am very careful...Thanks for such a good tip about selling or buying home.

house for sale philippines

Yeah! Families in crisis may have to choose between a new can of paint for staging and a bag of groceries. If my kids were hungry I know which choice I would make. I definitely agree with your statement. It is better to recycled those can, than to sell your house. I enjoyed reading your post. thanks!


Brainerd Lakes Area News

I should take some pictures of the ones here. I came across a deer hide in the basement in one. They take ABSOLUTLEY everything out of them.

Richard Stabile Bergen County Real Estate

I guess if they just invested in a few garbage cans. Image is everything in sales.

real estate in philippines

I'm not a home seller that is living in St. Paul But i just want to add that what you said is right.. The houses must be back in real beauty to be sold.. Thanks, i learned a tip from you and more power..

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